lexi acevedo


Who's this?

My name is Lexi.

I found the title "Copywriter" in a list of things I wanted to be when I grew up. It was nestled between chef, marine biologist, Pokémon card illustrator, and dragon. Ask me about any of those things if you need to burn an hour or more.

In college, I did the Texas Creative program to hone my craft and took film as a second major. I enjoyed the variety of getting to write headlines, taglines, scripts, critical essays, and animating, illustrating, and editing videos to make it look like there are two of me.

After college, I interned at FCB (Chicago) and then at RPA (Los Angeles). I only have 20 more letters to collect before I have the full alphabet!

I love to write, draw, fold origami, listen to podcasts, cook, and find new esoteric trivia to share with anyone who so much as locks eyes with me in public. Don't try me. Or do, if you want to hear about water bears.

I love human beings, despite mountains of evidence telling me not to. I want to help them and I believe in them a lot. I hope this shines through in my work. I also hope nobody takes this admission as an invitation to send me "amazing opportunities to make money from home". That would make me very sad.

If you're interested in contacting me, you can usually find me hunched over in a chair pondering why tuna salad counts as a salad but guacamole doesn't while folding tiny origami to keep my hands busy, or at l_acevedo@ymail.com.